Environmental sensors for smartphones

Environmental sensors for smartphones

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Until recently, to check the climate and temperature you had to have a thermometer and go outdoors! Today, to have everything under control, just distribute some small lettersenvironmental sensorsdirectly in the area you intend to monitor and then check the collected data. THEsensors,after capturing all the required data, they will transmit them directly to the smartphone in order to provide a 360-degree analysis of the environment of interest.

THEenvironmental sensorsthey measure and record specific data and then transmit them remotely. For some time in technology stores (including at Apple Stores) you can findenvironmental sensors that transmit temperature, humidity, quantity of pollutants in the air, weather conditions ... For a couple of years, thesensorsgarden, an example is the Garden Sensor, a four-leaf clover-shaped device that must be planted near the tree species to be monitored. TheGarden Sensor suggests to the user when it is time to water their garden, or when it is the right time to harvest.

The Google search team also took an interest insensorsgarden thus proposing a completely autonomous irrigation system. Who is interested purely inenvironmental sensorshe will certainly be attracted to the Kit Lapka, a system made up of four different onessensors. The first sensor measures the temperature, the second the environmental humidity, the third the electromagnetic radiation. The fourth detects the concentration of nitrates present in food.

Wimoto has moved in the same direction with her peopleMotes, have the appearance of small adhesive rectangles. They can be placed anywhere and are just as versatile. The Motes areenvironmental sensorsthat every 15 minutes record various parameters and then send them to iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth connectivity. They are excellent for use in the garden, in fact, among the various parameters to be monitored, they allow the recording and transmission of data relating to the temperature, degree of humidity in the atmosphere, level of light, degree of humidity in the soil ... moreover the sensor is able to calculate the risk of frost or damage to tree species due to poor lighting.

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