Wireless camera for home monitoring

Wireless camera for home monitoring

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Christmas holidays, long weekends, August 15th and various holidays, it happens that we are away from home for several days. In this context, thewireless cameras, devices that, implanted in the home, allow us to remotely monitor the situation of our home. Thewireless camerasthey are created both to prevent thefts and to control what ours doesdog Catwhen we are not there!

To monitor the house and the cats, thewireless camerasthey are very useful; the most advanced systems have environmental sensors capable of alerting the landlord every time "Something happens": a motion sensor will be able to send an email directly to the landlord's smartphone every time an action is detected in a certain room, whether it is the dog's box or the room where the safe is located!

In particular, theD-Link wireless camerait behaves like a real video surveillance system that is very useful during travel: thanks to the special application, the landlord will be able to see - in real time - what is happening at home. The home can be remotely monitored by video both from the smartphone - with the free mydlink app - Android or iPhone OS, and from the computer, all you need is an internet connection to make remote access.

If you are worrying about energy costs, we tell you right away that you do not need to leave lights on at home, the home can also be controlled during the night thanks to the CMOS sensor and IR LED technology that are integrated into the body of the wireless cameraallows night visibility up to a distance of 5 meters.Videoyes, but also audio: thewireless cameraD-Link integrates microphones to transmit 360 ° information on what happens at home during the absence of the owners.

From the description of the wireless camera we read D-Link, it reads:
The DCS-932L Wireless N Day & Night Camera is a versatile solution to monitor your home or small office 24 hours a day; equipped with infrared LEDs, it allows you to see even in the absence of light. The DCS-932L Wireless N Day & Night Network Camera connects to the user's Wi-Fi network and transmits high-quality video images for home and office monitoring even in total darkness. Equipped with a dedicated CPU and Web server, it can be accessed remotely from any location via the Internet. With mydlink Cloud Services included, the camera offers the easiest way to access and manage footage, either through your computer and tablet or from a smartphone, iPhone or Android, after installing an app.

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