Led wifi lights, wireless lighting

Led wifi lights, wireless lighting

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How wifi led lights work, from the control with the smartphone to the lighting of the areas of the house where there is no light.

I love the comfort that technology can offer, so today I decided to talk to you about two comforts for home lighting: the wifi led lights to be managed remotely (from smartphone) and the rechargeable led lights, useful for illuminating hidden places of the house (wardrobes, sideboards but also shelves and shelves).

LED lights that are controlled with the smartphone

Thebulbs that turn on without a switchare certainly not a modern innovation: Nikola Tesla counts among his inventionslight bulbscapable of being activated by an electric field. Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia on July 10, 1856, just think about how old this invention is!

Today we talk aboutwireless led lightsfor the home,low energy consumption bulbs that can be turned on or off via a smartphone application and which use an even simpler mechanism than the one designed by Nikola Tesla. The wireless light bulbs on the market today turn on by themselves or are activated by a wireless pulse that originates from the home router.

How does a wifi bulb work?

Each lamp consists of the actual lighting body (LED) and a wifi unit that connects to the home router. Thanks to the "light bulbs + router" interconnection, the user can manage home lighting from anywhere in the house and ... in the world!

How to install wifi lights in the house?

Installation is simple, just choose the wifi lamps with the right connection and replace the home bulbs with the wifi ones. In addition, it will be necessary to connect a device to the home router or interface the lamps to the Apple HomeKit or to the analogue produced by Samsung.

You will then need to download an application to manage home lighting using your smartphone. These devices are the embodiment of the internet of things.

What does the internet of things mean?

It means that the objects ("things", in our house the wifi bulb) are recognizable from the electronic world (by connecting to the router) and are able to communicate with it and vice versa (thanks to the use of the App).

The wifi bulbs they can also integrate with other wifi devices in the house. For example, to rolling shutters or blackout curtains: when these close they communicate it to the router which in turn turns on the light bulbs.

Which wifi bulbs to choose?

There are now many models on the market, all compatible with the operating systemAndroid and with the iPhone OS. Betweenbest wifi bulbsI mark the productPhilips Hue White and Color.

The real advantage of these bulbs is regardless of the possibility of being managed via the smartphone, of course, this is what will probably motivate you to buy them but there are other features that will lead you to really appreciate them, such as:

  • They can function as white light or colored light, with a choice of 16 million different colors and shades.
  • The lights can synchronize to the rhythm of the music or follow the setting proposed by a film.

It then has the functions proposed by allwifi bulbsWhich:

  • Possibility to program on and off.
  • Ability to control switching on and off from anywhere in the house or in the world, thanks to the smartphone.

The basic kit consists of three bulbs and the unit to be hooked to the router but this is just the start, the system is modular so you can add as many bulbs as you want. Those who want to save can choose only white bulbs.

2 white lamps to be managed in wifi can be bought at a price of 29.99 euros. Remember that to work they must be associated with the device that allows integration with the home Wi-Fi router, so only the two bulbs are not enough ... unless you already have the Apple HomeKit or another system that acts as a Bridge "bridge" between light bulbs and router.

The starter kit can be bought on Amazon at a price of 164.38 euros and free shipping and includes three wifi bulbs and the bridge. You will then have to download the free application to manage the lighting from your smartphone. For all information on the product, I invite you to visit the Amazon page:Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit

Philips also produced a wireless LED strip, I was able to mount it close to my equipped wall: a really nice effect! :)

Wireless LED lights

If forwireless led lightsdo you mean a lighting body that allows you to bring the light into a small closet or wardrobe where you have no electrical connections, then you have to look forbattery operated led lights: they are wireless and the power is supplied by a battery.

In this context, I would like to point out a very anonymous but very useful rechargeable light. You can buy it on Amazon with € 24.99 and you can find it at "this address".

It is not written in the description but it is about 40 cm long, I use it to enhance and illuminate some of the shelves in the library. In this context, costs are more accessible because remote control is not possible, in practice you have to turn the LED strip on and off by putting it in on / of mode, or in "auto" mode to take advantage of the motion sensor (useful for lighting a closet).

The product indicated is attached and detached with a magnet and recharged with a USB cable, like a mobile phone.

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