Pocket laser keyboard

Pocket laser keyboard

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Sometimes it's true, size does matter! Smaller is one device the more we like it. Our devices must not only be small but also have an attractive look and ease of use, in short, they must satisfy us! To meet our needs is the Virtual Keyboardas small as a keychain and as functional as a classic QWERTY keyboard.

In the press room or at the university, how many times have you happened to take notes or write emails with your smartphone? The result is devastating for us and for those who receive the message: just think of when we want to write the word "stay" and our iPhone starts with that annoying "I'm coming! ”, Well, at that moment I would like to get rid of the compact Apple touchscreen and show off a big and comfortable keyboard! Except that there is never enough space in the bag ... Virtual Keyboard will change our fate from "Scribblers"Unhappy.


Virtual Keyboard it is a laser keyboard where the light beam that composes the keys is emitted by a small key ring. Laser technology projects one virtual keyboard with "comfortable dimensions" so that we can type our texts on any surface. Do not be fooled by the small size of the device, it is true it has the appearance of a keychain but it has all the technology necessary to recreate a virtual keyboard with advanced optics capable of capturing every move of our fingers "Virtual button after virtual button".


When we have finished our work, we just need to turn off the projector. There Virtual Keyboard it connects to the smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, is equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, recharging takes place via USB connection and if you have a backpack with a solar panel you can also recharge it in your bag! There Virtual Keyboard it costs $ 99 and once we buy it at we won't be forced to suffer those tiny keys anymore!

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