Environmentally friendly toys for children

Environmentally friendly toys for children

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At the end of November alone, 300,000 were seized in Italy dangerous toys. Are the toys you buy for your children really safe? Among the 300,000 toys seized, many were destined for early childhood.

THE dangerous toys they are usually made in China and contain toxic substances such as phthalates. The phthalates used are intended to make the rubber softer and more flexible but cause malformations in the growth of children. Much attention must be paid to electronic equipment, toys such as remote controlled cars, tracks or talking dolls, in addition to phthalates, they may contain kinetic energy higher than the limits allowed by law. The batteries, with the electronic circuit, are easy to overheat with risk of explosion.

When you buy a toy make sure that the "Ce" marking on the packaging complies with the graphic requirements of Directive 93/68 / EC, or to eliminate any doubts, purchase toys of safe origin. Handcrafted and homemade soft toys, perhaps with cotton and natural fabrics. Between children's toys sure, we can report a Tea Set made in recycled plastic.

A classic gift for little girls it consists of small saucers and mini pots sets. In this case it is necessary to make sure that the products purchased are free of BPA and phthalates precisely because girls carry these toys in their mouth.

Brightly colored gifts are very popular with younger children, but the fact remains that some might like something more elegant. So you can give toys made of wood like this Zenblocks. The production material is walnut wood, these particular toys are suitable for children who love "buildings". The surface of each piece is rich in facets and therefore the various pieces can be stacked in a wide variety of ways. Such toys are not alone eco-conscious but they also stimulate the child's mind by giving sensory experiences during playtime.

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