Mk2, the character cover for iPad

Mk2, the character cover for iPad

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The most nostalgic hearts may miss the old accessories "hot". Don't be naughty! I mean handmade ones, maybe with natural materials. Today i gadgets offered by the market are all lacquered, sophisticated and free of emotional character, are made with chemicals sometimes even toxic. In this post we present a natural accessory who has a heart, the cover Miniot Mk2, for iPad.

IS' hand carved in the Netherlands, from real wood. The accessory has a hinged design that allows the cover to roll up on itself and unfold. When it is rolled up it works like "curtain support"For theiPad.

The natural character of the wood is a fine work of art. There cover Miniot Mk2 it was hand carved from a single piece of wood. The wood comes from well managed and certified forests. The result is an elegant and seductive shape. The cover features the classic magnets that allow it to adhere to the display of theiPad. As with this type of cover, the built-in magnets allow you to automatically reactivate theiPad at the time of opening.

The best part of the cover lies in the geometry of the lid. While maintaining the characteristics of wood, the hinged structure allows you to wrap the tablets at various levels so as to find the right position for reading, writing and viewing movies. The inside of the cover has been designed to protect the display as much as possible; Miniot Mk2 it is covered by a one-year warranty and is available in six different shades based on the wood used.

There cover Miniot Mk2 is available for second, third and fourth generation iPads. The price varies according to fine wood used, the cover Miniot Mk2 in cherry costs 69 euros as well as other models cost starting from 89 euros.

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