Shake, shake and charge the iPhone

Shake, shake and charge the iPhone

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The number of products designed to solve problems related to the duration of the iPhone battery I'm infinite. Among the brightest are those that integrate photovoltaic modules and other technologies capable of generating electricity ready for use, just like Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger which loads the iPhone battery by converting the kinetic energy of motion into electrical energy.

When the autonomy of your smartphone has reached 5%, you can turn off the device and go hunting for a power outlet (as long as you have the power cable with you!), Or, if you are a holder of Infinity Cell, you can start shaking your phone like crazy!

The product is proposed through the new Kickstarter campaign launched by Ideation Designs. The campaign aims to finance the further development and large-scale production of the cover infinity cell, a kinetic energy iPhone micro-charger, built into a case that can power your smartphone's battery through movement.

According to the specifications of the cover Infinity cell, this case may be able to guarantee a constant energy output of 200 - 500 mA and a voltage of 12 V. According to the manufacturer, with 30 minutes of motion, the autonomy of theiPhone will be increased by 20%. The cover is made of plastic materials with a polypropylene shell ... of course the materials are not eco-friendly, but at least to produce electricity to recharge the iPhone battery, no fossil fuel will be used.

The company is working on a version of the Infinity Cell more performing. The next version will be able to exploit all sorts of movements. This would mean charging the iPhone continuously even simply by keeping it in your pocket while taking a walk. The first prototypes of Infinity Cell can be purchased on Kickstarter for a price of 90 dollars.

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