Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil

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The active ingredients ofcedarwood essential oilthey can perform various functions. L'cedarwood essential oilconsists mainly ofatlantone, cedrolo and cadinene, compounds that exert a restorative and rebalancing action on the body. L'essential oil of cedar woodit is mainly used against respiratory tract infections, as a natural remedy for hair and skin care and as a natural insecticide.

In natural skin care, thecedarwood essential oilacts as an astringent, useful for the treatment of acne and facial impurities. The astringent characteristics ofcedar essential oil, although mild, they are very useful for combating blackheads and in the case of skin with dilated pores.

In aromatherapy, thecedarwood essential oilit is recommended in times of stress and helps to bring order to thoughts.
In meditation, this essence helps to rebalance the first chakra by giving courage, energy and promoting self-esteem. Aromatherapy withcedarwood essential oilit is recommended for those who are facing great changes, it would help not to destabilize by favoring therooted to the earth.

Talking aboutrootingmore concretely, the essential oil extracted fromCedar woodit is used in the treatment against hair loss by strengthening the hair root.
This essence is recommended as a remedy for alopecia. It is applied by rubbing the compound (given by the essential oil of cedar wood dissolved in another vegetable oil) directly on the scalp. It is possible to prepare a natural anti-hair loss shampoo by adding 25 drops of this essential oil to a neutral shampoo, this remedy is also extremely useful against dandruff and oily hair.

L'cedarwood essential oil, as well as the oil of Neem, can be considered a natural insecticide. This time the action exerted against insects is not deadly but repellent. Cedarwood essential oil is an excellent natural repellent to ward off different types of insects, it is especially effective against moths and woodworms. It is perfect for scenting cabinets and drawers.

Theperfumeofcedarwood essential oilit is warm, intense, balsamic, sweet (but a bit sour!) and woody. It can be used as a natural fragrance to perfume the home, just one drop is enough for each square meter of the room to be perfumed.

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