How to make the office greener

How to make the office greener

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Living in a green environment it's good for your health and since many of us spend many hours in the office, almost more than we spend at home, it's better to gear up and understand how to make the office greener. It is not necessary to redo the structures, to precede major architectural interventions or something similar. Of course, there are buildings born with a green soul that have an edge but if we are not the owners, we cannot decide certain things. Let's start making some changes in the little things, to turn towards sustainability.

Not just the garments but all the colors they work in the office they can make their own contribution to make spaces a little more environmentally friendly, with daily choices that, if you put your mind to them, are not that difficult and demanding. It is often a matter of habits and if you take the right ones, you proceed almost automatically.

Each employee, regardless of the hierarchical scale and organization chart, plays a important role in eco-sustainability of an office, with regard to energy saving and waste production, for example, from the choice of business cards to the means by which one reaches the workplace.

How to make the office greener: paper

Even though the world is increasingly digital, it still prevails presence of the card in many of our offices. There are countless opportunities we have to reduce consumption. Let's start with business cards, they are still widely used even if all contacts are kept on the smartphone or in the cloud. If we don't want to give up completely, let's make them ecological by printing them on recycled paper, there are many opportunities to do it online and with minimal impact on the cost. Some companies also offer the interesting possibility of sto choose inks of natural origin and with low environmental impact, such as soy ink. I can't lie, it costs a little more, but if you use less, the bills add up.

In a greener office yes it also has to recycle more paper and, above all, print less. There are very few emails, for example, that really need to be printed. We try to take notice and insert in ours the disclaimer that invites the recipient not to print the message received, unless strictly necessary. Even the paper for printing can be recycled and if we really have to print a document, we try to do it front and back, in order to halve the waste.

How to make the office greener: waste

Paper is not the only recyclable material, there is a lot to do! In the office we produce a lot of waste and we can personally commit ourselves to contribute to recycling, also trying to raise awareness among colleagues. It doesn't take much!
There is also a second chance, for those with an innate creative vein. Many objects can in fact be transformed into others and used a second time, always in the office. Lots of containers, document clips, document holders and so on.

The time of lunch is one of the most critical, as for waste production and we must pay particular attention both when choosing what to eat and when deciding what to eat with. We try to avoid foods with bulky and useless packaging, better if we can prepare the legendary schiscetta, so we also save money. We opt for containers, reusable cutlery and napkins, thus reducing the production of plastic waste, among the most dangerous but always too abundant, in offices as elsewhere.

How to make the office greener: environment

Furniture is also an important component when it comes to green offices. Having acknowledged that we cannot always redesign an office from scratch, let's find out what are those small interventions that can make a difference.
Energy saving is an aspect to keep an eye on and concerns both lighting and heating / cooling systems and, in general, the use of electronic equipment, computers and more. Let's start by turning off what we don't need, then choose some LED bulbs for energy saving.

A green touch can also be given by plants which are also important from an aesthetic point of view. An office with lots of greenery is more welcoming and humane, good mood and makes the atmosphere less stuffy and serious. There are many types of plants that are not difficult to care for and can be at ease even among desks. The philodendron and the spatifillo, for example, but also Melissa and Ficus Benjamin. The cacti are also excellent, some are real furnishing objects due to their imposing and spectacular presence. It has been proven, in every chaos, that plants not only improve air quality and health, but also reduce stress and help you work better.

How to make the office greener: marketing

Today, marketing has lost some of its paper component, moving towards digital but there are still too many brochures we print for nothing. We try to set up a strategy that is as green as possible, we can also declare it by showing that we are attentive to this issue. It is a non-trivial sustainable marketing move.
We choose a website with a server that it uses renewables, we use recycled paper and vegan stickers free of unwanted substances and attentive to animals for that material that we must necessarily distribute by hand. However, I invite you to experiment with innovative methods of engagement, you will find many online and they can make you distinguish from competitors.

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