How to increase self-confidence

How to increase self-confidence

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Most likely, if you are dejected, you will not believe that you can learn How to increase self-confidence but with a deed of trust, try reading these tips. Nothing philosophical, nothing spiritual, this is not the context, but only practical advice, daily, applicable immediately, or almost. If we can take that courageous step of believing it, of believing it is possible to trust yourself, learn to esteem and respect yourself, to be respected. It is important, it is also important for what surrounds us, for people and things, because those who do not esteem themselves, those who do not respect themselves, are not fully capable of even respecting the rest.

For once we start with ourselves, which is perhaps the most difficult thing, and we learn how to increase self-confidence, step by step. By applying some of the following tips, day after day, without realizing it, we will come to look in the mirror and smile with conviction. It begins!

How to increase self-confidence: tips

I have divided the steps to be taken into two categories, the first are more general, they are a sort of guideline, a new mentality with which we should try to tackle things. The latter are more concrete, daily and practical acts, but equally important.

Precisely these small steps, to be taken constantly and regularly, are the basis of the first piece of advice, that of setting small goals and achieving them, one after the other. By deleting the items on our to do list, we will feel more and more confident in our abilities. On the contrary if we always set ourselves gods unattainable goals, or almost, we will end up being frustrated all the time, convincing ourselves that we are failures and incompetents. We can tie a small reward to each goal, take a whim, and share our goal with those who, together with us, are traveling our journey.

In addressing the problems we encounter from time to time, regardless of their extent and size, we focus our attention on possible solutions. Little room for anger, even less for despair or guilt, but let's ask ourselves “what can I do to solve the problem or improve the situation?”. This I will make us feel active and proactive, and not like those who suffer life by watching.

This is how our self-confidence increases, because we have a role, we act, we change things. This attitude is closely linked to the idea of ​​"Think Positive ", a catchphrase that must not dazzle us. Thinking positive can mean many things. In this case we don't want to mean denying problems and seeing everything fantastic but the idea of ​​dealing with situations proactively. What can I do? Act, even better if in a different way than usual, increases self-esteem, even in small things. For the same reason, we must never procrastinate in order to learn How to increase self-confidence.

Let's start immediately: let's think of something that let's postpone it for some time and do it within the next 24 hours. We will realize that we have most likely postponed something doable by making it more difficult in our heads than it really is. The more we postpone, the more the difficulties rise and we become paralyzed. We need to break this chain, impose ourselves “today I do it” and then do it. And reward yourself!

How to increase self-confidence with others

Even looking away, attention and our energies towards the people around us, it is very useful for increasing self-confidence. I don't just mean close people, friends and relatives, but also those we meet on the street or at work. Help someone there enriches, it is a way to do good to yourself, it is an exercise to be done daily. Please don't imagine the usual cartoon scene of the young man helping the old woman to cross. Of course, that's okay too but it's not just helping others.

If we notice, during the day we have many occasions to be of help to those who meet us without doing anything shocking. There is only to get out of one's self, from one's distrust in ourselves, and look around to perceive the signals.

Always in the relationship with others, very important keep promises. Very trivially it would be difficult to trust a traitor or a liar and deceitful person. If we show ourselves as such, how can we then trust ourselves and value ourselves?

How to increase self-confidence every day

Here are finally some daily acts that we can immediately put on the agenda. These are small, big commitments that can really change our attitude in the space of thirty days.

Let's change a little habit every day. Yes. A timetable, a road that we usually travel, a cup ... nothing overwhelming but we begin to show ourselves that we are able to survive by going beyond our habits, that we are much more than ours daily routine. It will be a nice discovery, it will also be an opportunity to find out if there are things we like, and that we have never met, closed in our enclosure.

We smile every day at a stranger. How many times do we meet the gaze of a stranger? At least once a day, let's smile at him, hint at a smile, and you will see how beneficial it will be. Do it without worrying about the judgment of others, those who are offended or annoyed by a smile do not deserve our attention.

Every evening we mark in a notebook, preferably with pen and paper, and not on a PC or smartphone, 5 things that made us happy during the day. And we thank you for having been able to live them. Gradually you will find yourself facing an ocean of small joyful moments that do not only do increase self-esteem but also the mood.

We read books of all kinds, but which allow us to experience a story or an emotion. It is not a waste of time, it is not just relaxation, it is a way to travel with the mind, to start new projects, to spread your wings. Every morning we make the bed, it will be a better day, and we practice physical activity on a regular basis. May it be walking, running, swimming or going to the gym, the important thing is that it is an activity that requires resilience, determination, motivation. Other to the muscles, we also train the brain by studying and never stopping to learn. What we like, of course, and that makes us feel happy, but we continue to cultivate our brains, we are curious and open up to the news. We will also become more pleasant conversationalists.

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