The most efficient lamp in the world

The most efficient lamp in the world

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Is called Nanolight and is described as the LED bulb more efficient than ever. It is omni-directional, turns on instantly, is long-lasting, does not wear out if turned off and on frequently and, undoubtedly, it has a unique appearance of its kind!

Nanolight consumes less than the others LED bulbs, in fact it manages to emit 133 lumens consuming the same energy required by one LED bulb which emits only 70 lumens. If we then want to compare the Nanolight bulb to an incandescent lamp, we see that this can only emit 16 lumens!

There Nanolight bulb has been extensively tested to ensure the best brightness distribution. Great attention was paid to light output and heat production and management. With only 12 watts of electricity, the Nanolight LED bulb manages to generate over 1,600 lumens, equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb!

Light bulbs and heat
Most of the low energy consumption bulbs, like LED or fluorescent lamps, have the problem of internal overheating. It is overheating that shortens the life cycle of Led lamps. Overheating is difficult to avoid because the bulbs do not provide internal air flows: the heat produced cannot be spread outside and overheats the internal apparatus of the lamp. The Nanolight bulbs they emit less than half the heat produced by other LEDs or CFL bulbs. The main feature of the Nanolight LED bulb is its ability to manage thermal energy.

There Nanolight bulb is available on kickstarter for a price of $ 30. By purchasing the bulb, you will join the financing campaign activated to start a production of Nanolight on a larger heater.

It is appropriate to say: this light bulb could have a bright future!

Video: EWG Explains: How to choose the most energy efficient light bulbs (July 2022).


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