Where is Ivory Coast

Where is Ivory Coast

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Ivory Coast: where it is locatedand socio-economic issues. Tourism in Ivory Coast, the best time to visit the country and things to know.

Where is Ivory Coast located? The Ivory Coast, officially République de Côte d'Ivoire, is a state in West Africa. It is found in Africa.

It borders with Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso. What language is spoken in the Ivory Coast? French is the official language, in fact the Ivory Coast is a former French colony that only recently gained independence from France: on 7 August 1960. Let's go back to the key question of the page:where is Ivory Coast located?

Ivory Coast: where it is located

To understand where the Ivory Coast is, just look at the map below, on the map the Ivory Coast is highlighted by a red arrow, while pink hearts can be found on our country.

Although very distant, the Ivory Coast is "only" 5,000 km from Sicily. If its geographical location is clear (it is located on the African continent, to be exact in West Africa), the situation is much more complex if one tries to describe its inhabitants.

In the Ivory Coast there are 62 different ethnic groups which, on a descriptive level, are grouped into five major strains that share some socio-cultural or ethno-linguistic characteristics: Akan, the Gur or Voltaici (like the ethnic group of the Senufo), Kru, Mandé of the North and Mandé of the South.

The groups, as stated, can also be differentiated by the spoken language. Although we have said that the official language of the country is French, about 30% of the population speaks other languages ​​such as Baulé, Dioula and Agni (among the most common).

The population differs not only in language, traditional religion is also difficult to define. 39% of the population follows Islam, 22% follows Catholicism, evangelicals see a percentage of 12%, animists 4% while the remaining 2% practice minor religions or declare themselves atheists.

Capital of the Ivory Coast

Therecapital of the Ivory Coastis Yamoussoukro although another large city stands out, popularly defined as theeconomic capital of the Ivory Coast: Abidjan. The capital of the Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro, was made official only in 1983. However, foreign countries see their embassies not in the official capital but in the city of Abidjan.

ThereIvory Coastit holds one of the strongest economies in the entire African continent, however it must be emphasized that it is a fragile economy for several reasons. Independence was only achieved in the sixties and economic development reached its peak in the eighties when the economy collapsed following problems with the export of raw materials. A long civil war that ended only in 2011 was not without a negative impact on the country's economy.

Today, the Ivory Coast bases its economy on the export of raw materials, including valuable ones. What is produced in the Ivory Coast? Coffee, cocoa, palm oil, bananas, pineapple, walnuts, sugar cane, cotton, sesame, copra, peanuts, cauccio, cassava, rice, corn, millet, sorghum, potatoes, mahogany, tuna (peach) ... Mining more interesting are those of nickel, bauxite, manganese but also considerable quantities of diamonds and gold. Off the Ivory Coast, several were discovered in 1977 oil fields, research continued and in 2000 other promising fields were identified.

Tourism in Ivory Coast

If you are wondering about how tourism in the Ivory Coast works, we recommend that you contact a travel agency with tour operator specializing in this tourist destination. The reason? In some places in the Ivory Coast, the situation is not stable. In addition, there are many social issues.

What to see in the Ivory Coast?Of interest is the Tai National Park, one of the last primary forests in West Africa. The seaside tourism which can count on wild beaches or luxurious resorts is noteworthy.

Those interested in the topic ofecotourismyou will find 8 parks, 6 nature reserves and millions of acres of green forest in the Ivory Coast. This location is a true paradise for those who want to enjoy the unspoiled nature and the flora and fauna that a forest can offer. About 60 km from the capital Yamoussoukro, there is the Abokonamekro National Park which covers an area of ​​21,000 hectares and is populated by an admirable biodiversity, including buffalo, rhinos, kob and elephants.

For lovers of the plant kingdom, always on the subject ecotourism, we point out the Bingerville Botanical Garden, created by the French colonies in 1904.

When to go?

The best time to visit the Ivory Coast is when there is no rain. Keep in mind that the climate is generally hot and humid and the best time also varies according to the area of ​​the country to visit. The equatorial climate is typical in the southern areas, a tropical climate in the center of the country while in the far north the climate is semi-arid.

There are three seasons: from November to March the season is hot dry, muggy and dry from March to May while hot-humid is the season from June to October. Thetemperaturesaverages are between 25 and 30 ° C with downward peaks of 10 ° C and upward of 40 ° C.

Warnings: before leaving, check for any notices on the Farnesina website.

Workers in Italy

If you are wondering what the inhabitants of the Ivory Coast are called, their name isIvorians. When it comes to immigrants in Italy and in general on the coasts of the Mediterranean, the iavorians are the fourth country by origin of migrants. That is why at the beginning of the article we pointed out that the Ivory Coast is "only" 5,000 km from Sicily.

If the Ivory Coast has a high rate of economic growth and is a good exporter of raw materials, then why do the iavorians come to our country? This "flight" seems to be linked to the political crisis and humanitarian issues. We say "it would seem" because when it comes to clandestine migrants it is really difficult to trace their actual origins: even if some flows of migrants arrive from the Ivory Coast, it is not necessarily said that they can be Ivorians.

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