Comedones: what they are and causes

Comedones: what they are and causes

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Few know that the so common and the so hated blackheads they are also called comedones, or rather open comedones, because they should not be confused with the closed ones which correspond instead to white spots. Let's take a closer look at what it is and above all why these annoying spots are formed which on the one hand are unsightly but on the other hand can also signal a health problem or a psychological disorder, perhaps only momentary.

Comedones: what they are

Blackheads are skin impurities that result from white spots. When the latter dilate and open, they become "black". They are very common among young people, starting from eleven to twelve years, and remain common throughout adolescence and late adolescence and are considered theanteroom of acne. This certainly does not exclude their occurrence even after the age of 30, no one can be considered "excluded" from this problem.

The areas most affected are usually those that are richer in sebaceous glands, then the nose, the cheeks or even the back. When they emerge, they can remain unchanged for a long time, without undergoing any evolution, but there are also cases in which they regress, fortunately, or in which they worsen. When this happens, inflammatory phenomena of bacterial origin can also occur.

Comedones: causes

Technically we have already said that i blackheads they form when white dots open, but why does this happen? Let's start with the white points, where everything originates. They are oily masses that have sebum, keratin and often also microorganisms that accumulate inside inside the hair follicles.

It may happen that what is contained in these white spots is too much and causes the skin to dilate until it creates an opening and the leakage of substance which gives rise to a lipid oxidation which, associated with the migration of cells rich in melanin, determines the formation of the characteristic dark hat. This is why we talk about "blackheads", the reason therefore has nothing to do with the idea of ​​dirt and grime but there is a link, even if less direct, because many studies show how a continuous lack of cleaning of the skin can promote the formation and appearance of comedones.

At the stage of puberty, this imperfection is in most cases linked to the increase in the synthesis of sex hormones that act as messengers and stimulate particular activities. In the case of testosterone and its metabolites (dihydrotestosterone in primis) they are the sebaceous glands which are stimulated, it follows that the skin appears more oily and the follicles can therefore become blocked due to the accumulation of sebum.

Like boils, blackheads are also linked to seborrhea. This dysfunction of the sebaceous glands causes an overproduction of their secretion which, when it stagnates in the follicles, can lead to the formation of blackheads.

Seborrhea is the most common cause of blackheads, but it is not the only one: there are other processes and other situations that can cause or favor the formation of these unwelcome impurities.

Quite simply, if you don't wash your skin properly and consistently, blackheads can form very easily. They also exist some types of cosmetic products which can encourage the presence of blackheads, for example many greasy and oily creams and some make-up with the same characteristics do. It is one more reason to always choose with the utmost attention what we apply to our skin without wanting to save at all costs, when it comes to our health, because even when it comes to skin, we talk about our health. It is not just an aesthetic fact.

Comedones: prevention

Before understanding how to cure blackheads, let's see how to prevent them from appearing. The first thing to do is to treat it well our skin, take care of it by not considering it an action for sissies or by those who are obsessed with aesthetics. It is essential to cleanse the skin every day simply with soap and water and without totally eliminating the sebum, a small amount should remain because it helps to avoid irritation. Let's wash and hydrate regularly, therefore, but never with aggressive detergents and never too often.

Comedones: cure

The first move that is spontaneous to make when you are in front of a black point, in the mirror, consists in crush it with your fingers, so that all the contents come out of the skin. Usually, fat cylinders are obtained, with a dark top, of a semi-solid consistency. It is not the best method to treat this problem and to realize it just think that the impurities we are talking about can have scarring or infectious results.

There are valid alternatives to the "Squeeze" blackheads, let's see some of them. In phytotherapy we find Melaleuca oil (Tea tree oil) which has powerful antibacterial properties, often also used for the treatment of acne. Still sticking to natural cures, we can opt for face masks based on green clay, effective because the clay has antiseptic and purifying properties but also has an exfoliating effect on the skin.

You will also happen to hear about do it yourself remedies to prepare at home. There are plenty of them around but it is better to be wary of those who improvise a doctor and can instead end up recommending mixes of substances that are harmful to our skin.

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