Best Memory Foam Mattress: Features and Review

Best Memory Foam Mattress: Features and Review

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Best Memory Foam Mattress: Features and Review - Most people do not think about it but the mattress is the object we use most in our life as we spend between 7 and 8 hours a day on average.

Choose a great one mattress allowing us a restful sleep is therefore of great importance to ensure the good quality of our life.

I would add that the progress of technology increasingly makes available to us products of absolute excellence with attention to every detail and designed to offer high performance over time.

In ancient times, men slept on simple straw mattresses, then came the wool mattresses that for centuries have allowed man a good quality sleep. Then springs were added to the inside of the mattress and finally modern technology created latex rubber and polyurethane mattresses, evolved to offer the "memory foam”.

Memory foam mattress: what it is and what benefits it ensures

We could translate the Anglo-Saxon term "memory foam" into Italian with the expression "foam with memory" and this is exactly the property of the advanced type of polyurethane with which memory foam mattresses are made, namely that of adapting to the shape of the body by distributing its weight and supporting each point in an optimal way.

The memory foam mattress thus allows us to support even the “non-pressing” areas of our body that traditional mattresses cannot support.

In this way, our whole body can completely relax ensuring a deep and restful sleep.

Best Memory Foam Mattress: How Tests Are Performed

The test of a mattress carried out in a complete and professional way involves technical aspects that we can divide into three macro-groups:

  • Characteristics (rigidity, thermal insulation, validity of the memory effect, etc.)
  • Performance (overall and punctual body support, breathability, etc.)
  • Durability

For an overall evaluation of a product it is then necessary to evaluate:

  • Price and any opportunities for installments or financing
  • Shipment
  • Packing and unpackaging
  • Other characteristics, often more subjective

As for the technical aspects, the most complete and valid test in my opinion is the one performed by Altroconsumo, an association with a proven reputation for objectivity and efficiency to protect consumers.

The Altroconsumo test is performed respecting the European reference standards (EN 1957, EN 53579) and adding other practical tests and laboratory tests.

On this page of the Altroconsumo site you can access the details on the test carried out on 64 mattresses with the results on each product tested.

You will also be able to read in detail the methodology followed to perform each individual test with the explanation of each operation.

Altroconsumo test: the first classified memory foam mattress

To be awarded for the second consecutive year the title of "Best" in the 64 mattresses test performed by Other consumption, by virtue of the best overall quality among the models tested in terms of body support, durability and breathability was the mattress manufactured by Emma Mattress a brand that has been establishing itself more and more on the market for some years, supplanting the competition from much more famous brands.

The Emma Materasso company was founded in Germany, in Frankfurt, by Max Laarman after the purchase of the mattress for him and his partner turned out to be a real nightmare.

Max thus began to analyze the European mattress market and discover how in other countries such as the United States of America the market is much more transparent and the customer is always at the center of attention.

So he decided to found Emma Materasso with the aim of combining high product quality with a simple and transparent purchasing process.

Today Emma Materasso operates in 10 markets and has become the industry leader in Germany and the Netherlands.

The Emma mattress was judged as the best in tests performed not only by Altroconsumo but also by other independent consumer protection organizations: Consumentenbond (in the Netherlands) and Que Choisir (in France).

My personal experience with the Emma mattress

Last May I bought a new home and among the choices I wanted to pay the utmost attention to I included the one related to the new mattress, as the one I had slept on for years was definitely in need of replacement.

As a good "specifier" that I am, I began to inform myself accurately on the progress of technology regarding the materials and techniques for making mattresses and on the most successful brands.

I then went personally to some shops to ask for characteristics, prices and above all to "lie down physically" on the mattresses to test their comfort and the sensations offered.

I obviously started the checks by the brand of the mattress that I had been using in recent years, the Pirelli, but the product test did not satisfy me as well as the conditions of purchase.

I visited the Simmons, historical brand and chosen by several hotels in which I had stayed but I found the prices completely exaggerated.

I looked for information on once market leading brands like Permaflex but I found a "fossilization" on technologies that in my opinion are outdated.

Finding the Altroconsumo test I wrote about on the net and reading which product was judged to be the best, I discovered Emma Materassi and after carefully reading the information on the official website, I decided to proceed with the online order!

In addition to the result of the Altroconsumo test and the accurate information collected, the decisive factor that made me decide to order the mattress was the possibility of try the mattress at my house for 100 nights (!) receiving a full refund if you were not satisfied with the purchase, complete with home pick-up and costs charged to the manufacturer!

The tests I had performed in the various shops, among other things, instead of clearing my mind left me with many doubts because lying on a mattress for a few minutes is never like sleeping on it for days.

The proposal of Emma Mattress to really sleep on it, at my house and for 100 days was therefore perfect for me to "play it safe" and avoid a not negligible expense, finding myself then dissatisfied.

The order on the site was simple and i delivery time to receive the mattress at my home was 2 working days.

The mattress arrived packaged in a box so that transport to the floor was completely easy, being able to use the lift.

Once the box was opened, the mattress was perfectly vacuum packed, as you can see in the photo below.

Open and stretched out on the bed, it took shape in seconds.

The product immediately seemed to me to be well made, with a high quality mattress protector, as written on the site, water resistant, breathable, antibacterial and probiotic.

In the opening image of this article you can see the thickness of the mattress and the good workmanship of the mattress cover, with concealed hinges to remove it easily with each wash.

In the photo below you can instead appreciate the texture of the mattress cover.

But the real "9 test" I obviously did at bedtime. The consistency of the mattress immediately seemed "softer" than the mattress I had previously but at the same time I perceived how my body was perfectly supported in every point, without sagging.

Indeed sleep was great and restorative! When changing a mattress many shopkeepers warned me that there would be the possibility of not sleeping well the first few times but in my case I must say that sleep was immediately perfect!

… And I would say that I will be able to sleep peacefully on my new mattress for at least 10 years since the manufacturer offers the legal guarantee of 10 years on the durability of the materials!

Dimensions of the mattress

Emma Mattress is available in many sizes listed on the official website including the most popular ones:

  • Single: 100cm x 200cm
  • Double King Size: 200cm x 200cm
  • French square and a half: 140 x 200

I opted for the one and a half version, sleeping alone but being 1 meter and 86 tall.

Emma's mattress can be placed on any type of base / structure. In my case I use a slatted structure.

More information and purchase of Emma Mattress

On Emma Materasso's official website you will find many other information on the product I purchased and on other accessories starting of course from the prices.

You can then order comfortably online starting the 100-day trial from the moment the mattress is delivered to your home, obtaining a full refund if you are not satisfied.

As for the payment methods, credit cards, bank transfers and Paypal are accepted.

The possibility of paying in installments in a number of installments varying between 3 and 12 is also certainly important, subject to the approval of Soisy, the company specializing in the financing of installment payments.

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