How to eliminate woodworms

How to eliminate woodworms

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THE woodworms furniture are insects that attack the wood; to be exact, it is the worm larvae that spoil the furniture, which feed on the wood in which they find themselves wonderfully well in order to grow. The woodworms, during the mating period, make exit holes from the wood of about one millimeter in diameter, to allow the females to lay their eggs. After about two weeks, the larvae that dig their tunnels in the wood come out, swell and after another 15 days they become adult insects. Behind it there are long tunnels, now empty and well dug, which represent a serious danger to the longevity of the furniture.

You notice the settlement of woodworms due to the presence of holes and cones of whitish dust that we find on the floors below the cabinet. In this regard we will illustrate you how to eliminate woodworms effectively thanks to home remedies.

What are the conditions that favor the settlement of woodworms?

  • When the humidity reaches or exceeds 50%: if the humidity is lower, the larva can die from drying.
  • The optimal temperature for the larvae is around 22 ° -23 °: some larvae can still resist lower temperatures.

How to eliminate woodworms, the procedure

Make sure that the infection is active and that the woodworms are alive inside it, before applying any product to the furniture: if the holes have a yellowish powder, it means that the woodworms are currently eating wood. If you only find dark colored holes, it means that the woodworms are no longer active.

  1. Before starting any treatment, clean the wood thoroughly, focusing especially on the corners and edges as this is where the larvae most often act
  2. Equip yourself with an anti-woodworm product, beeswax and elbow grease: products available in any supermarket
  3. Apply the anti-woodworm liquid in the holes, also helping with a syringe to let the product penetrate
  4. Wrap the piece of furniture with transparent cellophane which you will remove after 10 days
  5. Cover the holes with the colored wax of the same shade as the furniture
  6. Apply elbow grease and beeswax to make the furniture uniform and shiny

How to eliminate woodworms, natural remedies
There are also solutions based on natural elements that when mixed together are effective against woodworms. For example, the essential oil of Japanese cedar mixed with water and vodka.

How to eliminate woodworms, prevention

  • Arrange some pieces of polished cypress wood in the furniture
  • Use wads soaked in a mixture of white vinegar, water and lavender oil.

If the infection hits the house structure more severely, especially if woodworms enter the wooden beams, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals.

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