Full moon: meaning, effects and beliefs

Full moon: meaning, effects and beliefs

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When in the sky you see the full moon we speak of a full moon and it is a real event even if it is not as rare as a solar or lunar eclipse. It is an event marked on many calendars even today, because it is said to be, and proves to be, an appointment with the sky that becomes able to influence our mood, but not only. For centuries, for millennia, indeed, we have lived with the rhythm dictated by full moon which conditions our life and that of all creatures on Earth. It regulates the tides, but not only.

It seems that its power can affect even very daily actions such as nail and hair cutting, actions that affect nature and agriculture, such as the production of wine, actions that we cannot control but perhaps the full moon yes, like seismic and meteorological events. There are many unproven theories that remain hypotheses, hypotheses concerning the role of full moon also in the food preservation process, in cleaning jobs, in hunting and fishing periods and in the days of conception.

Before making our own opinion, let's find out what revolves around the full moon. In many cases the effects would affect us closely. We can believe it or not, but we cannot but admit that the full moon has its own charm, at least from an aesthetic and emotional point of view. No?

Full moon: meaning

When it comes to full moon we mean that phase in which our satellite reflects the maximum of light. It is therefore complete, "full", shining in all its round shape. Man has always been fascinated by the full moon, he has also dedicated poetic and musical compositions to it, as well as many scientific studies to ascertain its effects.
The period of the full moon includes 3 days and 3 nights, 3 days and 3 nights in which, for example, it would seem that herbs and flowers are more beautiful than ever and that there is a particular energy in the air, capable of influencing men, animals and plants.

Many of us, believers or not full moon, take advantage of this time of the month to take time for themselves and meditate, while others take the opportunity to focus on their needs and take action.

Effects of the full moon

There are studies that support it as in the full moon phase our brain activity increases, the fact that in those three days deep sleep takes up less time than our night would also be proof of this. It varies from person to person but a general percentage decrease would be seen.

There is an experimental study conducted by the University of Basel which showed how people tend to sleep less in the presence of the full moon, but at the moment it is not yet well understood why. It could be hormonal issues as well as one simple and powerful suggestion, the fact is that by now that of falling sleep with the full moon is now a very strong and common belief.

There full moon it would also have a certain weight on our mood, in those days most of us, perhaps also because they sleep less, tend to be more sensitive, tense and agitated, more reactive than usual to what happens during the day.

There would also be some hormonal influence and that affects conception. There is no scientific proof yet but it would seem that the full moon phase, also called Phase of the Mother, is the moment when there is the peak of the ovulatory phase, in fact at moon phases perfectly matches the period. The theory that many support is much more complex: during the full moon, being all more vital and active, even the libido would be higher.

Full moon: beliefs

Man admires the moon for millennia and remains fascinated every time as if it were the first time. Despite the progress of science, there are unfounded beliefs that continue to remain in our popular imagination, legends we like to believe, stories or traditions that we remain fond of even if we know, deep down, that they are not true.

Let's see some of them. For many years it was believed that the full moon was not a good time for dental treatment and post-operative course because wounds would heal more slowly. There are even those who do not wash their hair and do not cut their nails in those days, there are those who even go as far as fasting because full moon it would lead us to absorb toxins and gain weight.

There are also many beliefs regarding mood, it is not for nothing that we speak of moody people, right? And then there is the well-known "delusion of transformation", one psychiatric theory which remains linked to the myth of the werewolf and which claims that during the full moon, episodes of hysteria can occur. It is a theory that has been disproved from a scientific point of view but for many years it has been considered true as the link between full moon and epilepsy was believed to be true.

Full moon and childbirth

Specifically, there is a very strong and still very popular popular belief that binds the presence of full moon at birth and dates of birth. It would seem, for some theory related to the tides, that in case of conception during the waning moon, the birth would take place after the hypothesized date, if instead the conception occurs in the growing phase or in full moon, the birth would be anticipated

Full moon phrases

After so many theories, some proven, others not at all, we hear what the full moon inspired poets and writers who have not studied it but were freely inspired.

In cities without a sea ... who knows who people turn to to find their balance ... maybe to the moon (Banana Yoshimoto)

Each of us is a moon: he has a dark side that he never shows to anyone else. (Mark Twain)

The moon, golden frog of the sky. (Aeschylus)

It was then that I experienced the full moon effect. I called it that. I felt like a big moon that continues to grow slowly, night after night, to arrive at the complete, very bright stage, in which nothing is missing, nothing is too much ... In the life of all of us there is a full moon. If only we knew how to recognize it to enjoy it at least a little, to feel diaphanous and fulfilled. (Marcela Serrano)

Insane is the man who speaks to the moon. Foolish who does not listen to them. (William Shakespeare)

Rising moon, in the sky as small as the young girl's eyebrow. (Gabriele D'Annunzio)

What are you doing, moon, in heaven? Tell me, what are you doing, silent moon? (Giacomo Leopardi)

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