Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu

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It is season of strawberries. The fruits are juicy and the prices go down. Strawberries are also found in KM Zero (they can also be grown on the balcony) and are excellent for preparing a tasty tiramisu. Let's talk about the Strawberry tiramisu, spoon dessert perfect in spring.

To obtain an even fresher and more delicate result, in tune with the season, the Tiramisu with strawberries it can be prepared with delicate robiola instead of mascarpone (more suitable for the cold season) and the addition of white yoghurt for the cream. For the solid component of the cake, in this case we choose the Pavesini instead of the ladyfingers, but you do.

You can use them robiola and goat yoghurt instead of cow correspondents. The result will be a Strawberry Tiramisu with less fat, at least 10%. Preferably, at least for us, that all products are organic and the eggs produced by hens raised on the ground, preferably organically. (also read this article)

Ingredients for Tiramisu with strawberries. 500g of strawberries; 300g of goat cheese; 200g of creamy white goat yoghurt; 2 eggs; 60g of white sugar; 2 packs of pavesini; powdered sugar.

Preparation. Blend most of the strawberries (about 400g) with a pinch of sugar. Beat only the egg yolks with the sugar and when you have a smooth cream, add the robiola and yogurt one at a time. When the mixture is soft and smooth, add the whipped whites until stiff peaks and stir gently until the mixture is a little fluffy. At this point, prepare the layers in a pan by placing the pavesini after having soaked them one by one in the strawberry smoothie with the addition of a little sugar. Between one layer of pavesini and the other, spread a generous layer of cream and finely chopped strawberry pieces, taking them from the 100g that you have not blended. Finish with the layer of cream and decorate, if you like, with the last strawberry slices. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Keep the Tiramisu with strawberries in the fridge for a few hours before consuming it.

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