Fiat 500E, prices announced

Fiat 500E, prices announced

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There Fiat 500E is described as theelectric car more "young" is "fashionable" currently on the market. The electric vehicle home Fiat could bring new life to the panorama of electric mobility, has an excellent autonomy and guarantees a considerable fuel economy. THE prices of the Fiat 500E have just been announced.

L'electric car Fiat license plate will be on sale exclusively on the Californian market, the price is "starting from ..." 32,500 dollars, a big gamble for the Fiat given that the competitor Nissan Leaf it sells for $ 28,800. As usual, there is no lack of option leasing, L'500E electric car it can be rented for $ 199 a month for 36 months. A great price when you consider that rival Honda Fit EV is leased for $ 389 a month for a similar three-year period. THE prices they always refer to the Californian market.

$ 199 a month is a great deal. 199 euros for a leasing could also be a great price for the Italian market, there are many Italians (and Californians!) who spend more than 200 dollars / euro just for fuel therefore the lease is a very attractive proposition.

After the first announcement of the prices, the Fiat is concerned with letting the press and the automotive public know that the price of the 500E it could drop further and reach $ 20,000, this only thanks to a pair of federal tax incentives for the sale of EVs in California - this is what Gas2 reported-.

Recall that the'electric car The Fiat 500E has a range that reaches 140 kilometers per charge - compared to 120 for the Nissan Leaf - and according to the EPA, it is the most environmentally friendly car currently available on the international market.

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