Easter lunch, vegetarian menu

Easter lunch, vegetarian menu

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There Easter is approaching and for this year we have decided to offer you two different ones vegetarian menus. To organize a truly sustainable lunch or dinner, it is not enough to eliminate meat. Certainly this move will make the event more ethical but to make it 100% green, there are many precautions that the organizer can follow. Today, together with the two vegetarian Easter menu, we will give you some ad hoc advice.

Lunch of Easter, vegetarian menu #1

Appetizer with pumpkin and ricotta croquettes
First course of Lasagna with cabbage and bechamel
Second course of Vegetable Strudel

All the recipes to organize a vegetarian menu are available at this address

Lunch of Easter, vegetarian menu #2

Appetizer of bruschetta and vegetable treats
First course of lasagna with eggplant and tofu
Second course with Artichoke and potato flan

All the recipes to organize this second vegetarian menu are available at this address

Organize a green event, useful tips
To transform our lunch (or our dinner) into a green event, we need to follow some good environmental practices, such as:

  • eliminate meat from the menu
  • eliminate artifact foods
  • eliminate disposables or use biodegradable plastic ones
  • deliver the invitation only by email
  • at the table, open a debate about the importance of the fight against climate change
  • served at the table only Organic products and communicate it to all diners
  • served at the table only zero km products and communicate it to all diners
  • buy food from a small local retailer, perhaps a self-employed farmer. In this case, the products will almost certainly not bear the organic brand but will be just as genuine.
  • When you go out to shop, try to do it on foot, by public transport, by bike ... if you have problems of space you can try to organize a car-sharing ad hoc for your needs (read here)
  • Share the success of yours ethical lunch with as many people as possible: post photos on facebook that underline the genuineness of the products used ... I bet there will be many "I like it"!
  • If it is not enough for you to share the event with your Facebook friends but you want to share it with the internal world, try joining the campaign "Cultivate of Oxfam Italia

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