Italian excellence for hi-tech energy

Italian excellence for hi-tech energy

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Superconducting toroidal coil scheme

I'm hi-tech Italian companies those that have won over half of the first orders from the European Union (1.3 billion euros) for the construction of the reactor ITER. The last important 20 million euro order concerns the ASG Superconductors, a company of Malacalza family, which in collaboration with AENEAS will provide for the construction and assembly (at the Genoa Campi plant) of the superconducting toroidal coils necessary for the project.

ITER is the reactor intended for nuclear fusion under construction in Cadarache, in the South of France, by a global consortium made up of the European Union, Russia, China, Japan, United States of America, India and South Korea. It will cost 15 billion and is described as a experimental nuclear reactor costing 15 billion euros, the main purpose of which is to achieve a stable fusion reaction (500 MW produced for a duration of about 60 minutes) improving current knowledge on plasma physics.

During the construction and operation of ITER, many of the technological solutions necessary for the future prototype of fusion power plant named DEMO. For this reason, according to what has been declared, the excess energy obtained from the nuclear reaction during the ITER project will not be fed into the electricity grid, nor used for commercial purposes.

The theme of ITER is not so much the construction of a nuclear power plant, but rather the search for a further technological path, safe in intentions, for the production of MW capable of satisfying the world energy needs. In the near future where, with the renewables that still account for only 1.6% of world production, you will probably go from a mix of a few energy sources to a mix of many very different sources.

To allow the Italian industries operating in the hi-tech sector to win some of the tenders for the most technologically and economically representative components of ITER was the collaboration in the national fusion program activated with ENEA - National Agency for Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development - with regard to advanced search.

ENEA is also responsible for the JT60SA project, conducted in Japan, for the construction of superconducting toroidal coils that will be produced in Genoa by ASG Superconductors, an Italian hi-tech company that has already been discussed in several important international projects: the construction of the coils for the Tore Supra reactor, for the Tokamak FTU, for the Stellarator W7X, the CMS solenoid, the BT Atlas, and the dipoles for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva.

"We believe that collaboration with ENEA and the main Italian research bodies is fundamental - declared Vincenzo Giori, CEO of ASG -. I like to think that this is a virtuous case of the relationship between research and industry made in Italy. Furthermore, together with the subsidiaries Columbus Superconductors is Paramed we are also launching an Italian superconductivity supply chain with innovative products for energy transmission and magnetic resonance. "

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