Ecomission: scooters and columns for green travel

Ecomission: scooters and columns for green travel

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Two-wheeled, electric vehicles and charging stations: Ecomission he made a mission of it, looking to Italy but also to Greece, Spain and France with his Ecojumbo that has no equal in all of Europe. For more bureaucratic than technical problems, he explains Walter Pilloni, president and managing director of Ecomission, “Currently we have not yet installed columns, but we plan to install 10 by the end of 2013 in Genoa”. It is about small columns to be activated with a personal identification card, free of charge because "We are convincing the managers of hotels, restaurants and shopping centers to integrate the cost of top-ups within their services and not let them fall on the end customer".

1) When was Ecomission born? What were the first products?

Ecomission is a company branch of Teknit Srl: the Ecomission project was born in 2007 with the mission of marketing electric vehicles in Italy. The first product was a category L1 scooter (moped) manufactured in China and developed in our headquarters in Genoa. Once we understood that the market was asking for more performance vehicles, we passed in 2010 to Ecojumbo, a real motorcycle (category L3) with remarkable performance equal to that of a traditional 125 petrol scooter, with a top speed of 90km / h. With the inauguration of our factory in October 2012, we have therefore transformed ourselves from importers and real producers of electric scooters, with the aim of creating an increasingly competitive product that meets everyone's needs.

2) With what peculiarities do you present yourself on the market?

Today Ecomission presents itself on the market with a complete vision of the problems linked to the spread of this new lifestyle. In addition to examining two-wheeled vehicles, the project looks with strong interest in charging infrastructures. R.E.P. by Ecomission is an elegant and versatile charging station which is activated with a personal identification card. The supply of energy will be free. In fact, we are convincing the managers of the various activities (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.) who will be provided with the columns to integrate the cost of top-ups within their services and not make them fall on the end customer.

3) In proposing charging stations, what administrative-legislative difficulties did you encounter?

Problems related to positioning of the columns in urban centers concern the need for the public administration to streamline bureaucratic practices and promote their positioning. The main difficulty is related to the time required for obtaining the necessary authorizations for installation and, in the case of public columns, also for identifying the area in which to locate them. These are authorizations that must be granted by local administrations, in particular by municipalities.

4) Are there also technical difficulties or environmental conditions?

There are no particular technical or environmental difficulties. Clearly the small columns they must be installed in a parking area, where there are adequate spaces to park the scooters during the charging phase. Currently we have not yet installed columns, but we plan to install 10 by the end of 2013 in Genoa. For this project we are also waiting to receive a European contribution.

5) What is your greenest, leading product today and why?

The most requested article is Ecojumbo, has been for two years the best-selling green scooter in Italy. Ecojumbo is the true answer to urban mobility without sacrificing the same performance as endothermic vehicles. It is powerful, safe and reliable as well as very trendy due to its youthful and streamlined line. The 5000w version reaches 90km / h and is able to travel up to 70km on one charge.

6) How do you propose yourself on the market: what is your target? And what feedback do you receive?

Our target is made up of professionals, over forty years of good cultural background who use the electric scooter to move from home to work. The choice to sell the scooter directly at a factory price without using expensive commercial intermediaries proved to be the winning choice in this time of crisis. In fact, we have a network of testimonials throughout the country that allow us to avoid the opening of real commercial spaces, thus reducing the distribution chain and reducing costs as much as possible. The feed back is very positive and constantly growing. In 2012 in Italy about one thousand two-wheeled electric vehicles (mopeds or motorcycles) were sold ed Ecomission represented approximately 15% of the market. The data for the first months of 2013 see us growing and we plan to maintain this trend throughout the year.

7) Comparison between the Italian market and the European market: differences? Best practices?

In Europe there is practically nothing similar to Ecojumbo and it is for this reason that we are looking beyond national borders to increase sales. In particular, we have already had contacts in Greece, Spain and France to enter into commercial agreements. Our will is to create a factory in all the countries where we will go to sell our scooters, in order to support the demand with the same local production. The uniqueness of Ecojumbo lies in knowing how to reconcile high standards of performance and innovation with a decidedly competitive price. To give an example, a BMW electric scooter will soon go on the market, the cost of which will be around 12,000 euros, 9,000 more than our Ecojumbo.

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