SiLED, the new energy efficient technology

SiLED, the new energy efficient technology

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There OLED technology it is definition safer than that a LED due to the reduced use of heavy metals. Today, devices a LED completely free of heavy metals were created by researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Toronto. The LEDs ad high energy efficiency and free of heavy metals, were produced by exploiting gods silicon nanocrystals. Once again, the protagonists of the latest innovations are the nanotechnologies: each silicon crystal has a diameter of only a few nanometers.

The silicon diodes that emit light are defined SiLED. Given the ease of development, i SiLED could supplant the LEDs currently used, thus guaranteeing a environmental impact reduced. Another implication is the economic one: i heavy metals they are more polluting and also more expensive, the technology SiLED has lower costs than the LED one.

It was initially assumed that the silicon was not suitable for the development of LED. This assumption is completely void when it comes to nanometric structures. The silicon nanocrystals are able to emit light and have great potential thanks to their characteristics such as high energy efficiency.

Researchers have successfully built LED devices that exploit silicon nanocrystals. Such devices consist of a few hundred to a few thousand atoms. The manufacture of devices SiLED it is limited to the visible spectrum near infrared. The next step will be the production of silicon-based diodes, capable of emitting multicolored light. Color adjustment is achieved by separating the nanoparticles based on size. In addition, light-emitting diodes based on silicon nanocrystals they have surprising long-term stability.

The manufacture of devices SiLED can count on very cheap, less polluting materials and can give life to a more stable, long-lasting and sustainable finished product.

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