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GMOs and Italian consumers

GMOs and Italian consumers

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What are GMOs? According to what was reported by Futuragra, an association that supports the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), Italians have very little knowledge of this subject, let alone the regulations which regulate the cultivation and use of GMO foods. Despite this misinformation, about two out of three Italians claim to be absolutely against GMOs.

Let's start with the most obvious question: what are GMOs?
Only 7 percent of Italians claim to be informed on the matter. They are meant GMOs only organisms in which part of the genome has been modified using modern genetic engineering techniques.

The GMOs are they harmful?
MEP Jose Bovè states:
"When the companies said there were no health risks, they lied. All the assessments made so far on GMOs need to be reviewed in the light of these new studies, which show how dangerous GMOs are for human health. "

There are numerous studies that show the onset of tumor tissues following the administration of GMOs. The problem also involves Italy, it is true that in our country it is not possible to grow genetically modified plants but in Italian farms it is possible to feed livestock with feed containing GMOs. This means that unsafe meats can end up on Italian tables. The research group of "Animal nutrition" of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Federico II of Naples, has carried out various investigations in this sense bringing to light alarming results.

The use of GMOs in Italy
We have already said that in Italy the cultivation of genetically modified plants but this does not make us immune to the phenomenon of GMOs! Italian farms can be fed by GMO feed and not only that, when we buy food products (of all kinds), these can have ingredients GMOs!

Only 37 percent of respondents were aware that in Italy products containing ingredients derived from GMOs can be sold and as regards the label .... the EU requires that the presence of GMOs must be reported on the purchase package only if the percentage of GMOs present exceeds 0.9 percent!

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