Wind Explorer, the wind-powered car

Wind Explorer, the wind-powered car

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The electric cars they are not the only protagonists of the sustainable mobility. There are also car who are able to travel by taking advantage ofwind energy. The most imaginative minds will be imagining Automobiles which incorporate wind turbines of all sorts, special ailerons, engineering elaborations, futuristic designs…. actually the solution is much simpler!

It is a'car so light it can be carried by the wind, but strong enough to carry people. If you are disappointed and wished to learn new hitech prodigies, read about the Car-D-Board, the cardboard car that incorporates fans which act as electric generators ... if you like simple things, continue and don't miss the video and Photo gallery.

Is called Wind Explorer and has traveled 3,000 miles across Australia. The price of this trip? Only $ 15! The vehicle was built by Evonik and is powered by three energy sources: one portable wind turbine, a kite and the power grid. The kite towed the vehicle 15 percent of the time. Evonik took advantage of the kite to demonstrate how light its materials are… so light they can move with the simple blow of the wind.

L'Evonik used the vehicle Wind Explorer to show off the new innovative batteries weighing 90 kilograms. There portable wind turbine exploited by the Wind Explorer weighs 70 kilograms while the entire body, made in carbon fiber, weighs 200. On board the vehicle there were two drivers, so the total weight reached about 450 kilograms.

Car manufacturers are doing everything to reduce the weight of their vehicles. The goal is to meet the new standards of energy efficiency. The vehicle of the Evonik it demonstrates how many improvements can still be made.

Video: Wind Turbine Powered Car Test (June 2022).


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