Fiat 500E, the most ecological car in the world

Fiat 500E, the most ecological car in the world

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We have already told you about the Fiat 500 electric, presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show with its technology that produces 111 hp (83 kW) and a range of 140 kilometers. There Fiat 500E it recharges in less than four hours with the classic 240-volt socket and features a design that not only characterizes its aesthetics but also its aerodynamics with a 13 percent improvement in performance.

According to theEPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the authoritative voice of the sustainable mobility, it is the very Italian FIAT 500 that is thegreener car currently available on the market. Too bad, however, that the factories that produce "very Italian " Fiat 500Es are not in Italy and beyond, theelectric car Fiat will be marketed starting from the second quarter of 2013 and will be present only on the Californian market. There are still no rumors about the price.

According to theEnvironment Agency americata, driving the Fiat 500 electric there would be a series of savings, effective for the environment and for the driver's pocket: with fiat 500 electric, the annual cost of electric refills, would amount to just $ 500!

The autonomy of the Fiat 500 Electric surpassed the 100 kilometers of Mitsubishi and 115 of the Nissan Leaf, thus the 500E was also awarded the "Top rated efficiency ".

There Fiat 500E he is not alone green but also customizable. In the photo we see it in orange, with a style "retro but futuristic ", the Fiat 500E is reminiscent of 1960, with those white interiors that stand out from the electric orange bodywork. For many it is a feast for the eyes, while others compare it to a small sugared almond but in this case, what matters is not the tastes of the motorists, but the EPA rating: it is the Fiat 500E the most ecological car in the world.

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