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Barley grass juice

Barley grass juice

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Sustainable kiosks are spreading in the East offering ecological drinks such as barley grass juice. This juice also arrived in Italy. The discovery comes from Yoshihide Hagiware, a Japanese scientist and doctor who he found in barley grass juice a mine of well-being.

The studies began in the 1970s and today it can be said that:
L'barley grass owns double the football contained in milk, twice the potassium contained in wheat, 7 times the vitamin c contained in oranges, 30 times the vitamin b complex contained in milk, 5 times the iron of spinach, more than 70 enzymes, including the now known antioxidant SOD (Superoxide dismutase), one of the secrets, now revealed, of the eternal youth of Hollywood stars and many Olympians.

L'barley grass has become world famous under the name of Green Magma. The green Magma is obtained using the "cold air jet" technology, the spray dry, which also won the prestigious international "Science and Technology Agency Award". The technology is able to pulverize, in a few seconds, the juice obtained from the goovans and greens barley leaves, without losing the important nutritional properties.

The Green Mamga it is true and proper juice dehydrated of organic barley leaves. How is it prepared? Just put a spoonful of green powder in the shaker and mix with a glass of water. The barley grass juice has become a nutritional habit of oriental peoples: not only green kiosks, already in 2003 the Department of Nutrition and Food Science Taiwan sponsored research that showed how the barley juice favor a series of processes antioxidants, hindering the formation of free radicals, lowering the level of LDL cholesterol (the bad one, to be clear) and promoting the action of the immune system.

In Italy, the Green Magma is distributed by Royal Green Products and can be purchased in pharmacies, herbalists or shops of the biological. For those who prefer online shopping and want to try the barley grass juice can rely on the store

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