The impact of EVs on the grid

The impact of EVs on the grid

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When i electric vehicles will break into the street, the challenge will be to make ends meet with the eletricity grid. Provided that Italy will be able to set up the right ones infrastructure to ensure the recharge of these vehicles, it will then be able to keep the electricity network small town? With the advent of renewable the authority for energy has rightly reviewed i tariff plans for electricity, in 2013 we will find ourselves with a three-hour or two-hour rate with changed times. With the spread of electric vehicles how will the eletricity grid?

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame investigated the issue. The team is "trying to develop mathematical algorithms to ensure the integration of plug-ins and electrical vecioli within the grid ".

The problems that could occur with the spread of electric vehicles they are of different types. The team hopes to be able to anticipate and solve problems with a solution that can protect the owners of ev, as well as infrastructure distribution companies and entities that supply electricity. The first problems to be solved have both software and hardware aspects. An example cited by the Team is energy management in relation to the type of station, whether commercial or residential.

L'electrification of the transport market it offers revenue growth for utility companies (who supply electricity) and the automakers themselves. The "fuel costs" will reduce the operating expenses for the consumer and guarantee a greater respect for the environment. To start, however, you will need to have an adequate electrical network to deal with the increased electricity demand from the grid.

A functional approach could be the diffusion of charging columns which deliver energy taken from an electrical storage device and not directly from the grid. In this way, the electricity grid will not be affected by large fluctuations in the demand for electricity.

There is still a long way to go and the right infrastructure is needed before you can travel it with an EV. Let the authorities do something because motorists are ready to pass.

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