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From Tierra del Fuego to Alaska, in 7 years, crossing all of America: the English explorer did it George Meegan and then he told it in the book "The great walk" (Mursia) where he collects stories, sensations, tales and images of a continent and the people who live there. Environmental balance: "if today there are 1000 things to do, we are doing one and a half".

1) What adventure do you tell in the book "The great walk" (Mursia)?

The adventure told in the book is the last of the biggest ones crossed of these times. Before that time (1977-1983) all the continents of the world had been crossed, only America remained. So, when the British explorer Sebastian Snow told me "It has never been done, and it is the case that someone does", I started this adventure with the spirit of historic England.

2) What emotions during your crossing?

Everything and more. We return to a primitive, ancestral state, without money and with the need to find something to eat. This situation affects people, puts them in new contexts. For example, I have occasionally received small offers of money "to help you along the way". I never asked for money and I never even accepted it, and if someone asked me if I wanted money, I would simply answer "no thanks".

3) The most important discovery, in all these km?

The goodness of humanity was the greatest discovery. So the "physical" journey that I made gradually turned into a spiritual journey. And this grandeur must be shared. Traveling and seeing many different little-known realities, I am convinced that sometimes the bureaucratic systems in force today are a danger for the individual and for his own dreams: many talents and many minority cultures at risk of extinction can be crushed because they do not count for much for the bureaucracy that exists in the world.

3) The meeting that struck you most?

The one with a soldier who gave me the shirt on his back "to protect you from our Nicaraguan sun," he told me.

4) Other curious anecdotes?

In general, people worried about me. In Mexico, one of the rare cars that passed me stopped: "get in!" they told me, "Before they kill you." When I asked him who should have killed me there, they immediately replied "The Indians". “Ah, the people I greeted all day” I thought, remembering their camps, with the fires, which lit up all the hills around me.

5) What surprised you in the areas you crossed, on a social-environmental level?

Poverty in big cities hit me. Passing from the countryside to the large metropolises, it was evident when approaching large inhabited centers. In the suburbs.

6) Why do you like to walk? How did you start?

Walking is cheap and is very good for your health. I started reading adventure books when I was 5 years old. Imagine, I was worried about how I could ever survive and make do in the deserts of the world when I was already so hot under the "cold" English sun.

7) How did you travel around a continent and what you saw, how is our planet?

If there are 1000 things to do, we have done 1 and a half for now.

Since 1972 we have been losing 1% of the fauna every year. All fishing grounds could become deserts without water, as is the case with larger areas. The great shores of Canada, for example. And then all the poisons that are dispersed every hour in the sky, and only increase. We live in the most important century, both on an environmental level and in many other aspects, this is a crucial moment. But I don't know how far we realize it. Walking, seeing, meeting people certainly helps to understand this.

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