Recycled cardboard becomes design

Recycled cardboard becomes design

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Recycled cardboard takes on design on the occasion of Outside the Milan Salone scheduled from9 to 14 April 2013. There new collection of eco-furniture P-One made in collaboration with PAMIO DESIGN, the design and architecture studio founded by the well-known Venetian designer Roberto Pamio, will be present Fuori Salone in the showroom ofInterior Penthouse (c / o Spazio Seventy, via Pontaccio 10 Milan). For the occasion, P-One will offer some exclusive furnishings presented to the public in an absolute preview.

Seats, bookcases and tables in P-ONE recycled cardboard they have been embellished by the inclusion of fabric, metal and wood components, to make them even more stable, solid and aesthetically irresistible. A sophisticated symbiosis of elements aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of the cardboard raw material, its lightness and the added value of its recyclability, for a 100% made in Italy production chain.

The cardboard with which P-One products are made comes from paper mills of the Pro-Gest Group, the number one private group in Italy for the production of recycled paper, to which P-One belongs. Pro-Gest is the only Italian industrial company that can boast complete control of the supply chain linked to paper, from the collection of waste from recycling to paper, cardboard, boxes and finally to design furniture.

“The cardboard - explainsRoberto Pamio, the founder of the firm -it is a poor, simple yet extremely fascinating material. To raise it, we added integration with other elements that enhance its technical properties and resistance, correcting what apparently might seem the limits of cardboard: we added regenerated cotton to the seats and an iron core to the tables. We have also added the decoration with UV digital printing, a chromatic redemption compared to the raw cardboard>.

“In order to make the products truly accessible to the general public - adds the designerPaolo Pamio – we have also carefully evaluated the costs in the choice of materials and design, trying to maintain the right balance between the high quality of the design product and its price to the public. The goal is to industrialize the line, the design must be at the service of functionality ".

“The added value that the collaboration with Pamio Design has brought to the work of P-ONE is decisive - he claimsTiziano Remor, a.d P-ONE -and it is also the confirmation of the high quality level reached by our company in the field of eco-furniture, a sector in which also thanks to this last partnership, we represent an excellence not only for the technological avant-garde we have for printing and cutting of cardboard but above all for the possibility of using paper raw material from separate collection guaranteed 100% made in Italy ".

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