Automatic, the device that saves fuel

Automatic, the device that saves fuel

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A "Appcessory " (an accessory associated with a smartphone application) that allows you to save fuel throwing some sort of competition to determine who the driver that pollutes less. The Appcessory behaves like the device Nike + Running, monitoring the use of a car... the user will not have to enter any data, everything will happen automatically!

A few years ago a small device was introduced on the market thanks to the partnership between Apple is Nike, the device is called Nike + Running. Most sportsmen know what I'm talking about, for everyone else… theNike + Running can be seen as a kit consisting of a sensor and an application for iPhone OS, here is a brief descriptive overview of the kit:

  • there is a small device that fits into the shoe of the runner to monitor the pace
  • the device uses the information collected and determines the speed and distances traveled in real time
  • the device sends all information to the iPod
  • the iPod receives the information and uploads it to the portal Nike + that "keeps scores " of the various races and compares them with those of other users. In other words, the portal Nike + is a network that allows you to compete with people from all over the world.

In the same vein it was born Automatic. Like the device Nike + can be inserted into a shoe, the device Automatic can be inserted into the car directly in the OBD system (on board diagnostics, standard in all cars since 1996), and it is from here that Automatic obtains all useful information to guarantee the motorist a consistent fuel economy.

From on-board diagnostics, Automatic it will detect the distances traveled and also track the fuel consumption for that particular route. Automatic hopes to become a system popular just as much as the Nike + Running only in this case it will keep track of money saved!

By inserting the "plug-in" into the OBD port, Automatic will send all data relating to the iPhone to the fuel consumption. Thanks to this information, motorists will be able to find out the actual cost of the journey traveled and will be able to apply more driving styles ecological resulting in substantial savings. Automatic wants to give the motorist the right motivation a save fuel.

For now, Automatic is only available for iPhone OS but from next autumn it will also be for operating systems Android. Automatc is available with pre-orders for a cost starting from 69.95 dollars, approximately 54 euros.

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